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I figured i would repost my ABOUT page here for those who don’t make their way there. And for our facebook netizens who never make it anywhere but 😉 ##

Daddy Farts is the ongoing dialogue I have with myself as a fantastically excited newish father as I journey the high points and hijinks and pitfalls and pratfalls of life as a father of my two precocious little angels Miia and Emmi.

Born in Toronto, Canada to Finnish immigrant parents my parenting pedigree is shaped by living at the well worn nexus of Northern European heritage (read: Finnish zaniness) and Canadian sensibilities. Being married to my beloved and much more levelheaded wife Joline has somewhat tempered my whimsical world-view and bestowed a sense of balance, however precarious, to my parenting ideology.

All of this to say I strongly believe that kids today are increasingly being raised in bubbles that need popping. Or at the very least some gentle releasing of air pressure. Kids need to be kids. Of course they need structure, something else that is all too often sorely missing, but they also need freedom. Freedom to fail and to fall and to get back up with a gentle guiding hand. But also the freedom to have fun. To discover the weird, wonderful and wacky as seen through the lens of a child. And as often as we can, we should join them in that place. Shake off the shackles of our societal mores and roll in the dirt with them, cackle uninhibitedly and revel in the beauty that is the world of a child.

This blog is meant to share those moments from our daily lives and encourage them amongst yourselves. As a 42 year old who often (too often my darling wife might tell you)  embraces his inner man child i can tell you that not only do they keep you young, they immeasurably enhance our everyday lives and breath vitality to our very core.

As I tell almost 3 year old Miia and 1 year old Emmi; in just a few more short years i will finally have someone my own age to play with.

Welcome to Daddy Farts: toots about tots.

This is us.


Exactly 1038 days ago I became a father. Mind you it was supposed to happen 7 weeks later than it did but little Miia was in a hurry to get out. I guess it was that warm, salty air in St. Lucia she had been enjoying three days prior that greased the rails so to speak. Good thing she waited till we were back on Canadian soil as I’m not sure our travel insurance would have covered a Caribbean creation.

Anyway, the last 1038 days have been a spectacular medley of action; a veritable cornucopia of cacophonous commotion. Along the way Daughter Number Two was born; 648 days after Number One. Daddy will have to get one by the IUD goalie if Number Three is to be. No matter; little Miia and Emmi have already demonstrated that what they lack in size or numbers they make up for in sheer force of personality and gumption. Mommy and I have our hands full.

Speaking of Mommy; or Big Mama as i call her (she is not big nor does she cherish her handle) will be a regular actor on these pages as a guest blogger, providing a refreshing dose of perspective to her sometimes overzealous husband and his meandering musings. Her name, by the way, is Joline and she is a spitfire of a woman; a small-town Ontario gal with the rare amalgam of country sensibilities and polished professionalism. She is of course, the rock of the family which allows the girls and I to behave, well as we do and as you’ll see.

On to it then. This blog has been almost two years in the making; first manifesting as a niggling little thought that wouldn’t go away. The thought that I had fallen absolutely in love with this parenting thing, seemed to possess a fair knack for it, was blessed with an indefatigable gas tank, was blessed with the most precocious of precocious little girls (twice!) AND that i was veritably bursting to share what i was experiencing, what i was and am learning, my pitfalls and pratfalls and that maybe, just maybe the prism through which i see parenting would be of interest to others.

So here we go. I will reflect back on the highlights of the last two plus years and more importantly, share the wonder and whimsy that is my daily life with these two zany little tots. I hope we can enjoy the ride together.

Markus Raty
Toronto, Canada