Conversations about parenting you never thought you’d have: Vol 1. Act 1



We are the loving parents of two fantastic girls under the age of 3 as well as two wonderful mutts Dublin and Sally. Sally is a rescued 35 lb. Mexican Street Dog and Dubby, as he is affectionately known, is a 12 lb Chihuahua Beagle Jack Russell.

Sally, very comfortable in her own fur, is amazing with the girls and trots off doing her own thing as often as not. Dubby, while older, is the one who has always been a bit skittish around them and while he loves them both he is very excitable and doesn’t always know his place in the family pack.

When dogs are unsure of their place in the pack they often resort to mounting (aka humping). They can mount other dogs, inanimate objects or even people. It can be a sign of looking to establish dominance or seeing how those around them will react to it and where they fit in the hierarchy.

Recently Dubby has started humping Emmi as she crawls around the floor or the couch. Usually it’s in the midst of a high level of commotion in the house; Mommy’s just come home from work, Miia is racing around yelling, Emmi is whipping around the floor and the dogs get super excited.

Sally reacts by prancing down the hall like a deer and careens off into a breakdancing spin.

Dubby reacts by chasing down Emmi and humping her.

This happened again yesterday.

Ensuing conversation between Dad (me) and Mom (Joline)

Dad: (in between bouts of uncontrollable laughter) Jo look! Dubby is at it again, trying to hump Emmi!


Dad: You think it would be ok if next time I caught it on video for the blog??


Dad: Why?

Mom: Because one day your teenage daughter is going to read your blog and I don’t think she would appreciate seeing herself getting humped by a dog.

Dad: Good point

Endnote: Dad does not endorse or condone the mounting of small children by dogs. If and when it happens it is immediately halted and said dog is roundly scolded.

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