Our dear Sally poo

Sally Poo

Here’s the thing about having dogs. You might think they’re fully trained, predictable little puppies but add kids to the mix and you just never know what’s going to happen.

It was an otherwise innocuous Sunday evening; the girls had just finished their bath and before we could get their jammies on they escaped for a few minutes of naked wandering. Of course Emmi promptly decided to shit on the kitchen floor and then walk through her work of art as if smearing finger paint on paper.

Back to bathroom and into the tub for a wash before a full fecal fest ensued. The doo doo on the floor could wait. It wasn’t but three minutes before I got back to the kitchen to clean up and what did I find? Nothing! Nothing but a spotless floor and our lovable pup Sally licking her lips with a sheepish, guilty grin on her face.

Sally of course, had cleaned up Emmi’s mess for her. I guess sometimes Milkbones just won’t do.

Morale of the story: my Mom was right again. Don’t let your dogs kiss you on the lips.

*above photo taken moments after the evidence had disappeared.

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